General contract
DOMINANTA is a reliable partner for solving complex problems!
We have gone from a company with the installation of household air conditioners to a staff of 70+ employees and a full range of services in construction and utilities.

We do not stop in the development of the team, new types of services and the development of the regions of Ukraine.

Every day we work on improving the quality of service, modernization of workflow and project management.

Honesty and openness
Transparency of communications is the basis of the company's trusting relationships with employees and customers. We strive to always be open and understandable, to hear our customers and employees.
Deep knowledge of the case, both theoretical and practical, which allows you to achieve the goal with minimal time.
We take responsibility for our decisions, we understand that we can influence any situation, we focus on a positive result. Develop a sense of empathy.
We have achieved a lot thanks to hard work, but we do not stop and continue to develop professionally, personally and spiritually.
Hard work and dedication
We are fans of our business.
Every day we work hard, fulfilling 100% of our commitments.
Responsibility for the result
Creating quality is an important position of the company. Every day we see the result of our work and will continue to improve our professionalism.
15 years
We started in 2007 and are constantly evolving
120+ projects
Implemented projects in construction and engineering
6+ years
Average experience of the employee in the specialty
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General contract
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